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Just pausing for a few moments to observe the flight of bees is enough to get lost in their little universe of dedication, discipline, cooperation and that hint of mystery that makes them so magical.

OPERA HONEY is inspired by this.

The company was born in Italy in October 2016 and, thanks to study, dedication and unfailing passion, manages to make its honey known to a wider audience through the web.

In 2020 we realize a dream that has been lying in the drawer for too long now, the creation of a cosmetic line based on our Honey.

Imagining a product and then seeing it born and grow little by little was a great emotion and we hope to pass on at least a small part of that enthusiasm to our customers.

Each type of honey has been associated with a specific cosmetic action, taking into account its different characteristics and properties; so as to create a highly functional recipe. With these formulations we wanted to create not just a simple cosmetic product, but a real experience that can bring you closer to our world, where respect for bees and care for the environment create a perfect balance.


«The wonderful thing is that each of these flowers has a particular relationship with the insect that pollinates it. There is a certain orchid that looks the same as a certain insect so the insect is attracted to that flower, its double, its soulmate, and wants nothing more than to make love with it. Once flown away, the insect sees another soulmate orchid and makes love to that one too, pollinating it, and neither the flower nor the insect will ever understand the meaning of their act of love. And how could they know that it is thanks to their short dance that the world lives? But it is so. By simply doing what they were designed to do, they create something magnificent and grand. In this sense they show us how to live.
We are taught that the only barometer one has is the heart; that, when you spot your flower, you can let nothing get in your way ."

taken from the film "The Orchid Thief", ( Adaptation), 2002

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