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Useful information


The price changes according to the production.
The price of the same type of honey can vary from year to year in proportion to the production. The better the crop the lower the price will be.

Residues inside the jar.
Any air bubbles on the surface or wax residues are to be considered normal as proof of the integrity of the product. For any doubts do not hesitate to contact us.

Crystallized honey.
The honey may be delivered already crystallized, as it follows its normal transformation. If you prefer in the liquid state, it can be heated in a bain-marie being careful to keep the temperature of the honey no higher than 38 ° C. Exceeding this temperature risks compromising the healing properties of honey.

A honey for every season.
Each honey has its own seasonality, so we cannot ensure an annual continuity for each type.


Nourishing face cream.

For this formula we have decided to use an Airless glass bottle in order to minimize external contamination and allow the cream to be kept in a pure environment for its entire duration.

Neck and décolleté oil - Moisturizing face serum.
These products are presented in a glass container equipped with a dropper. It is recommended never to let the glass part of the dropper come into contact with the skin, but to keep a distance when dispensing, in order to minimize external contamination.

For all products it is recommended to respect the "Period After Opening" (PAO), since it was defined following a series of analyzes and indicates the period in months within which the opened cosmetic can be used safely.

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